Dear Dr. Fromuth and Dr. Langlois (and the entire team),
Thank you so very much for going above and beyond on my case. My teeth have never looked and felt better! The whole team is kind, patient, and dedicated to the needs of their patients. I always felt as though my opinion and voice was heard/acknowledged. I wanted to thank you all for taking me in promptly (despite the Boston distance); for you skill; and for your professionalism. I am beyond delighted and excited every time I look in the mirror (just have to tackle my hair next)!
Christina L.

I've been a patient of Dr. Langlois for ten years. On my first visit, a professional, pro-active plan was developed specifically for me to allow my smile to "be all it could be". Over the years Dr. Langlois and his team have provided top-notch, meticulous service to execute and complete that plan all the while working within my budget. I couldn't be happier with both my experiences at the office and the results of all their work. They clearly have vision and expertise to produce undeniable results - the smile says it all. Truly an awesome team! 
Rosalyn D.

I just wanted to once again say thank you for being so wonderful to me in so many ways. Every time someone compliments me on my smile (and you know how often I am laughing over something) I think of you and feel grateful for becoming your client. Thanks for all the cheer and fun you gave to me as well - who would believe that going to the dentist is one of my favorite activities!! 
Janet H.


Dr. Langlois and his wonderful staff have been my dentist of choice for myself and my family for almost 20 years for many reasons. Dr. Langlois is amazing... he is gentle and patient, kind and personable. Dr. Langlois seeks to educate and encourage each patient as a means of ensuring that each individual's dental health is the very best it can be. His dedication to detail, his passion for his profession and goal to achieve optimal results truly make him one of a kind. The warm and friendly staff who make up Dr. Langlois' team are top in their field and the level of compassion and care they show is phenomenal. Everyone in the entire office seeks to create an extremely comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment. I look forward to continuing my family's dental care with Dr. Langlois and his caring staff - thank you Dr. Langlois!
Donna F.

When I showed up at Dr. Langlois' office due to severe tooth pain, they were fast to act and make me feel better. I can say that I was treated kindly every step of the way! Dr. Langlois created a plan with me to keep my mouth healthy. This was designed so that I would spend less money down the road on my oral health. The doctor and team educated me before we executed the plan. Not only is the doctor and team friendly, but they keep a great assortment of music for longer appointments in the dental chair.
Jeff T.


For the past 35 years I have wanted to have great teeth and thanks to Dr Langlois and his fabulous staff I now have the smile of my dreams.  I first met Dr. Langlois when I was referred there by my dentist after asking about some restorative work.  She told me that Dr. Langlois was the only dentist she would let work on her teeth.  I have gone to at least half a dozen cosmetic dentists in the past, all of who would have put on veneers with very little thought or preparation about my particular case.  My teeth were small, had spaces between them and were worn from an old break to one of my front teeth years ago.   By the time we sat down to talk about him doing veneers on my teeth it was obvious the time and thought he had put into my particular case.  I needed braces prior to him considering veneers on me which none of the others had recommended.  Dr. Langlois is truly an artist at what he does and everyone in his practice is kind, caring and very professional. Having wanted veneers for so long I have seen lots of them and can usually tell if someone has them.  I knew I'd be happy just having new teeth but I never imagined my teeth could look so perfect.  They look real.  No one can believe what a perfect job D.r Langlois did.  My husband says when I smile now I just look so much happier.  And I am!  My only regret is that I didn't do this many years ago.  But then if I did I would probably still be here having someone else's less than perfect work redone!

Thank you all again for the great work you all do.  I just can't stop smiling!
Jo Anne T

Dr. Langlois has been my dentist for almost all of my adult life. During all that time he was patient about wanting to get his hands on the void that I use to call my teeth. He took care of all my oral health for a number of years and he waited until I was ready to restore my mouth in a comprehensive manner. Now, after having completed four quadrants of restorative dentistry, including implants, I can say that I am 100% satisfied . Dr. Langlois is a perfectionist and my new teeth are beautiful, but more importantly, they function so well... just like my originals!
Dan H.

Jenn's Story

Having recently moved to New Hampshire from the metro west Boston area, I was searching for a cosmetic dentist in the area. Previously I had an enormously costly, as well as profoundly disappointing, experience with a well known cosmetic dentist in Boston. Thus, I was determined to find someone who was highly skilled, in addition to one who possessed a great deal of integrity related to his work.
Dr. Langlois put me at ease from the start with his level of professionalism and his intently focused, as well as kind demeanor. Intuitively, I just felt that he truly cared significantly about the quality of his work, and that his patients would be pleased. He was honest from the onset, and worked collaboratively with me throughout the entire process. I was told that if Dr. Langlois was not 100% pleased that the outcome was the best possible, he would continue until it reached that impeccable standard. He most certainly did this with me despite the extra time involved.
I was astonished at just how much he cared about the quality of his work and the happiness of his patients.
I had always smiled growing up and through my earlier adulthood, and was often told through the years I had been blessed with a beautiful smile. However, during my forties, my teeth sustained some damage that markedly changed their appearance. When I arrived in Dr. Langlois' office I had, for quite some time, become embarrassed to smile and grew accustomed to avoiding smiling or covering my mouth with my hand when I did so. It made a significant difference in my day to day dealings with people, as well as how I felt about myself, including my level of happiness. The impact of not smiling any longer was greatly felt.
At present, for the first time in years, I am learning to smile again without reservation. My seven year old was so excited when she first saw, and now tells me how I have such beautiful teeth. She is quite proud. She told me she really believes Dr. Langlois "...must be a magic man!"
I feel good about myself again as I can smile and interact with people without shame. I look in the mirror and still cannot believe just how beautiful my teeth appear.
I also need to emphasize that Dr. Langlois' team was phenomenal. They were all kind, always welcoming, and truly made me feel at home and well taken care of in a situation where I would normally have been quite nervous, given my past experience. As I worked with each person, they conveyed such trust and confidence in Dr. Langlois' work, which was enormously helpful in putting aside my fears. I enjoyed seeing everyone when I arrived for each appointment. I cannot say enough about the fine team with whom Dr. Langlois has chosen to support and enhance his practice. Along with great skills, they clearly possess his patient-centered philosophy based on excellence as well honesty, respect, and kindness.
-Jenn C.

Ted's Story

When I mentioned considering cosmetic dental work to another dental professional (whom I know very well), he pointed me in the direction of Dr. Langlois. I haven't stopped thanking him since for that recommendation.

From check in to check out you are taken care of by the friendliest, most professional, most knowledgeable and talented dental staff I have ever known. It really is a pleasure to have an appointment with these folks.

The cosmetic process is not an overnight thing. And with good reason. It is a series of steps that focus on you and making sure nothing is left to chance. Your underlying dental health is assessed and your bite is adjusted to perfection. It is very important to Dr. Langlois that the end result is exactly what you want (and more!)

Through computer simulation, you are able to choose the look you like. I brought pictures in off the internet. You are encouraged to make all the suggestions you desire. And they will give you their expert feedback. Every detail is considered. My main concern was that my smile look natural (and it does!) Nothing is rushed and they will spend as much time with you as you need.

Once all the details are worked out, the next step is the temporary makeover. This is where minor adjustments are made and you can see what the final result will be. Even though this is just temporary, I was happier with my smile when I walked out than when I walked in.

Then comes the big day. The permanent restorations. I was the only patient in the office. Dr. Langlois and Stephanie painstakingly went to work. Sure it's an all day process (and you get lunch!), but that is a small investment in time for the end result. And your comfort is considered every step of the way. I had no pain or discomfort at all.

Not long after I was at the Cape having dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in 25 years. His exact words were "You're teeth are perfect". Sure, I confessed to having cosmetic dental work done. Why should only celebrities have great smiles?

As I mentioned before, this is a process. But the end result more than compensates for the investment. And what makes it easier is all you have to do is put yourself in the capable hands of Dr. Langlois and staff, they will do the rest!

-Ted L.


Gloria's Story

I would like to thank Dr. Langlois for not only restoring my smile but also for restoring my self confidence when I smile.

The friendly, competent, professional staff work wonderfully together to keep patients informed and comfortable during the entire procedure.

I gave a great deal of thought as to whether or not I should have the work done and I am truly pleased with the comfort of the procedure and the end results.  I could never have imagined the results would have been this amazing!

-Gloria B.


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